Anti-Trump Crackhead Calls Woman a Fat B*tch… Gets Instant Concrete Justice to the Face (WATCH)


There’s no way this guy was smoking marijuana. He’s too violent! If anything I’d say he smoked some meth! Does he even know what year it is? What’s with the bandana & hippie hair? Another psycho, extremist leftist. Be careful out there, folks, it’s a dangerous world!

In recent weeks, billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s rallies have become dangerous places, full of anti-Trump supporters, and quite frankly a few Trump supporters, that are too willing to trade blows over the current front-runner instead of just attending the rally and listening to him.

A majority of these fights have apparently been instigated by anti-Trump people who take offense to everything Trump says and want to take their anger out on his supporters.

TheBlaze reported that one anti-Trump “activist” attended a Trump rally in Wisconsin Tuesday and proceeded to verbally assault Trump supporters while high. The rabble-rouser, who vaguely resembled a hippie from the 1960s, let the whole world know that he was smoking pot and that he opposed “this fascist pr**k.”

Then he decided to turn his rage on Trump supporters outside the rally, lashing out at one woman with: “F*** you, you fat b****!”

Then, perhaps trying to impress himself or the people around him, the hippie decided that it would a brilliant idea to do a backflip while impaired. Good call.

That ended about as well as you would expect, and the hippie ended up slamming his body on the hard concrete, something you might know from personal experience really, really hurts.

The hippie however seemed immune to the effects of the fall. Perhaps driven by sheer embarrassment, he got up, loudly proclaimed “I did that on purpose!” and then walked away rather quickly.

If you enjoy watching idiots make fools of themselves, then this should be right up your alley (caution: strong language):

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