Anti-Trump Illegal Alien Protesters Block Road – Then Get A NASTY Surprise From No-Nonsense Cops

An immigration protest took place this past week. Pro-migrant and anti-Donald Trump protesters tried to block the roadways. However, when law enforcement showed up to restore the peace the protesters were in for a rude awakening.

The protest took place in Arizona during the ‘Day Without An Immigrant’ protest. It was a planned protest to try and prove how ‘hard’ it would be to go a day in society without Hispanic immigrants. However, even the mainstream liberal media did not report much on it.

Over one hundred protesters had to have the police called on them for blocking the roads and disturbing the peace. The footage was uploaded to YouTube of police trying to control the unruly crowds. The footage shows some people pepper sprayed when defying police orders.

The four people involved in the incident were identified by the Tucson News Now. They were David Leon, 24, Joan Cichon, 68 and Tanya Alvarez-Blancarte, 42. One was charged with obstructing and failure to identify while the others were charged with felony aggravated assault committed against a police officer.

The video shows Rainey having to be dragged by officers away from the protest. Her screams can be loudly heard in the background. One is seen pushing and shoving a police officer and another lying on their back on the ground.

In the era of President Obama, this time of unruly disorder was allowed. The President allowed for such blatant disrespect against law enforcement officials that it became a normal part of our culture. However, President Trump has done the exact opposite. He has invited police organizations to the inauguration as well as the White House and shined a spotlight on them.

Hopefully, under this new presidency, this respect for law enforcement will be something that continues and remains and does not wane over time.

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