Anti-Trump Protesters Waving Mexican Flags Riot Outside Trump Rally, Destroy Cop Car, Violently Attack Supporters

Trump has exposed the enemy within. These scum thugs waving Mexican flags hate America, Americans, and everything that our country stands for. They violently attempt to deny us our First Amendment rights of peaceful assembly & free speech. I wouldn’t be surprised if the illegal scumbags protesting & rioting are tied to Mexican cartels.

The faster all illegals are deported, and a wall is built, the better. If they want a war, we’ll bring it to them. The sleeping giant is awake again.


A Donald Trump rally in California turned into an all out riot when protesters got out of control.

While the Republican presidential front-runner gave a speech in the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California, ironically talking about how safe it was to be at one of his rallies, mayhem took over outside.

The violent thugs, made up of almost all young Latinos according to the Los Angeles Times, carried Mexican flags, stomped on cars, destroyed a police cruiser, attacked passing motorists with rocks and violently assaulted at least one Trump supporter leaving him bloody.

“I’m protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest,” one of the protesters, 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, told the Times.

“I knew this was going to happen,” he continued. “It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”

Costa Mesa police told the Times that 17 people, 10 males and seven females, were arrested on suspicion of unlawful assembly.

“We could be peaceful and do things different,” Arianna Perez, 19, told the Times. “but if we did, we wouldn’t get our voice heard.”

Social media captured pictures and video of the chaos.

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Rowdy protests prior to Donald Trump’s Southern California rally Thursday evening devolved into all-out rage when the GOP front-runner finished speaking to a capacity crowd at the Orange County fairgrounds. 

Hundreds of protesters swarmed the streets outside the sprawling Costa Mesa venue. Some smashed the rear window of a police car, while a few jumped atop the vehicle. Protesters unsuccessfully tried to flip the car before authorities intervened. An anti-Trump crowd temporarily blocked a freeway onramp, bringing benches and chairs to sit on.


As of this writing, police are still determining the total number of people taken into custody. Authorities attempted to break up crowds along city streets throughout the night, tackling pockets as they formed.

Even before Trump took the stage in front of thousands to talk his usual fare about building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and making America great again, his supporters and detractors faced off. Punches were thrown, expletives were shouted. Authorities in riot gear and mounted police had to break up the two sides, forming a barrier between them.

Later in the evening, fighting between the pro and anti-Trump crowd picked up again, with a handful of supporters intentionally jamming their cars into protest crowds. One Trump supporter’s face was bloodied after being punched.

It wasn’t all violent, though, at one point, demonstrators line danced.

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Following Donald Trump‘s rally in Costa Mesa, California, Thursday night, hundreds of protesters lined the streets, blocking cars leaving the OC Fair & Event Center, while others jumped on police cars.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said about 20 people were arrested, and there were no major injuries. There were nearly 200 officers outside the Trump rally, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

PHOTO: A Trump supporter clashes with protesters outside a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, April 28, 2016 in Costa Mesa, California.

The protesters were met with police in riot gear and others mounted on horseback.

Protesters jumped on police cars and other vehicles, and tossed water bottles and other objects at the police. At least one police car was damaged by the protesters. Protesters were also filmed trying to flip over a police car.

Trump rally #peacefulprotest

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Currently, police officers are working to disperse the crowd.

Rebeca Olguin, a Bernie Sanders supporter who was at the scene and posted a video of the mayhem on Instagram, told ABC News she came to protest Trump and his campaign.

“There were some who were peacefully protesting while others were being more open about sharing their opinions,” she wrote in an e-mail to ABC News.


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Before the event started, the venue closed once it had reached capacity and individuals were trying to jump the fence to get in. They were escorted outside the gate.

The rally — which attracted 18,000 supporters and was held in advance of the state’s June 7 primary — opened with families of people killed by undocumented workers from the Remembrance Project. They joined Trump on stage, as they have at previous rallies. “Trump is here to save us all,” said Jamiel Shaw, Sr., whose son Jamiel Shaw, Jr., was killed in 2008 when he was 17. Trump in turn took back the microphone and vowed to “Build the Wall.”

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