Anti-Trump Rappers Get Surprise Visit Filming “F Donald Trump” Video… Justice Served!

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Yo Yo Yo! I gotta rap for you, gangbanger losers. Pants around yo ankles, showin’ us yo cankles, like b-tches in heat, yo asses gon get beat! Go Trizump, Go Trizump, Go Trizump. OK, it needs a little work, but you get the idea. Send these losers to Mexico if they love it that much. Word? Word. 😉

When two gangster rappers began spontaneously filming a music video at the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Florence Avenue titled “F*** Donald Trump,” they inadvertently but not shockingly first attracted the attention of local gangbangers and then later the police.

The Hill explained that the Los Angeles Police Department showed up in force at the video shoot on Monday after the area became overrun with gangsters.

Police actually shut down #yg and #NipseyHussle #FuckDonaldTrump video shoot #truHipHopTv #truHipHopTv?

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“(The video) attracted the local cruisers, many of whom are affiliated with local gangs,” remarked LAPD Sgt. Thomas Bojorquez. “The cruisers were engaged in the usual activity of exhibition of speed.”

The LAPD subsequently shut down the shoot, though not before gangster rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle reportedly captured a significant amount of footage for their anti-Trump video. (Warning: graphic language … obviously.)

Speaking with Billboard magazine Friday, the rappers explained why they wrote the song in the first place.

“Overall just hearing his stance on Hispanic people, especially being from L.A.,” Nipsey said. “Him being so vocal and one-sided on how he feels about Mexican people as far as categorizing (them) as illegal immigrants and that they make no positive contributions to the country.”

Except that Trump never categorized all Hispanic people in a negative light. He focused his gaze strictly on illegal immigrants, who do in actuality leech off of American taxpayers and engage in an abundance of crime.

The rapper went on to praise President Barack Obama for his insane prison reform legislation, which made it easier than ever for offenders to secure an early release.

If you listen to YG and Nipsey Hussle’s “F— Donald Trump” track below — which we in good conscience cannot actually recommend — you might begin to better understand why they hate GOP front-runner Donald Trump and love Obama. (The warning for graphic language is probably unnecessary at this point, right?)

The video contains heaps of praise for Mexican drug lord and killer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. It also features this gem: “When me and Nip link, that’s Bloods and Crips.”

In YG and Nipsey Hussle’s dark world, the killers, the thugs and the gangsters represent the good guys, while the people who want to uphold the law constitute the enemy; ergo, they hate Trump but love Obama.

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