Anti-Trump Rioter Got DESTROYED On LIVE TV: “Do You Think People Have A Right To Lock Their Doors?”(VIDEO)

For those who believe in open borders, where do they draw the line? Is it even possible to really believe that anyone who wants to come into America should be able to?

What if 100 million people wanted to come into America? What about a billion? Or five billion? Obviously, a line has to be drawn somewhere.

Those calling a border wall “racist” should probably know that even Mexico is building a wall on their southern border, and that they deport more central American immigrants than we do. Are they racist too? Of course not.

Tucker Carlson has a new show on Fox News, and he’s also proven that it’s a must watch. Last night, he had on an anti-Trump protest organizer and posed to him a question that silenced him instantly.

As 100 Percent Fed Up reported:

Rutgers University student Alex Eumatsu tried to explain why he’s protesting the election of Donald Trump but failed miserably. This is why we’re so happy Tucker Carlson is taking a bigger role at FOX News. Carlson chews up and spits out this anti-Trump protest organizer. Eumatsu’s parents should ask for a refund from Rutgers…


My favorite part of the exchange:

CARLSON: Do you think people have a right to lock their doors? Or do you think they have an obligation to let them in? You’re saying the united states has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. I’m asking, do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you?

UEMATSU: I think that’s not really a direct analogy. Obviously a nation state is very different from an individual.

CARLSON: It belongs to the citizen so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, wouldn’t you agree? doesn’t a country belong to its citizens?

UEMATSU: I think…  I think that there are certain things…

CARLSON: I think you need to think this through, Alex.


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