Sick Anti-Trump Teacher BUSTED By Pissed Off Conservative Black Kids Who Exposed Her Disturbing ‘Extra Credit’

Sick Anti-Trump Teacher BUSTED By Pissed Off Conservative Black Kids Who Exposed Her Disturbing ‘Extra Credit’

When you send your child to school, you expect a certain level of professionalism from their teachers. You expect your child to act right and you expect the teacher to do their job and send your kid home as smart as the modern day Einstein.

That’s not what happened in this Houston school where the teacher might be a mentally unstable liberal who has allegedly punched a student and offered students extra credit for attending an anti-Trump rally during the election campaign.

Sounds like an awesome teacher to me!


Much to this teacher’s dismay, not everyone in class is OK with being punched or offered extra credit for attending an anti-Trump rally. Students who like Trump wouldn’t want to be there and they lose extra credit. Sounds fair, right? The teacher was reported and now investigations are taking place to figure out what really happened and how to fire them deal with it.

If you’re a teacher who brings your political views into the classroom, then you don’t belong in the classroom. Teachers should remain neutral and let students figure out which path they want to follow in regards to politics. A good teacher will present a political topic and let students for their own opinions. Of course, a good teacher will also guide students away from being a democrat or liberal cry baby. Then again, I don’t think teachers need to do that either. With all the social justice meltdown videos floating around the web, the students surely see these videos and I’m certain they don’t want to look or act like the losers on the left.

The young man in this video is awesome. Good job kid! Stand up for yourself and speak out against this nut-bag teacher. The kid did a great job by reporting this and his parents should be proud. I hope he does well and lands a scholarship in college one day.

CLick 2 HOUSTON reports – A Houston Independent School District teacher is under investigation after a student claimed the teacher assaulted him and offered students extra credit if they attended anti-Donald Trump rallies during the presidential campaign.

The incident happened last Wednesday at Sterling High School. The district would only say it has received reports of possible mistreatment of a student by a teacher at the school.

McKneely said during some horse play in class he told another student, “That’s gay,” then the teacher reacted by accusing him of being homophobic.

He said the teacher punched him in the chest when he was on his cell phone trying to explain to his father what happened.

McKneely also alleges the teacher offered students school credit for demonstrating against Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

“She gave extra credit for anyone who showed up for an anti-Trump rally being held downtown. I didn’t go so I didn’t get extra credit. I don’t know if anybody got it, but that’s what she proposed for extra credit,” McKneely said.

Send that teacher packing. They have no right to be in a classroom if the only way they can offer extra credit is by forcing kids to hate someone.

I’m OK with teacher unions protecting employees from unfair working conditions or helping them be better teachers if they mess up once in a while. No one is perfect and representation is fine. However, this teacher sounds nutty like a squirrel turd, so they might have to resort to desk duty somewhere that doesn’t involve teaching.

A homeless alcoholic could teach better than this dope.

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