Antifa Thugs Try To Take Over Construction Zone In Philly – Get Met With ALL OUT WAR By Pissed Off Workers

May Day in Philly churned out one awesome viral video when the masked (scared) Antifa crowd, also known as the pansy patrol, appeared to be disrupting a construction zone, which, by anyone’s logic, is by far the most stupid thing I have ever seen.

May Day is the original labor day and it’s all about workers rights and making sure people are treated well at their job, which in America – is barely ever. Let’s face it, folks, the corporate world is filled with greedy vultures.

There was one great group in Philly who walked around fighting for not having a raise in almost five years. That was the teachers of Philly who deal with some of the most challenging students in the country. They’re not asking to drive a BMW, but they sure deserve a raise and to be treated well. After all, they take care of our kids longer than we do and they’re the main reason our kids learn how to read amazing websites like FreedomDaily while we’re hard at work slaving in the corporate world. The teachers did a great job on May Day – they didn’t bother anyone, but they made a point in front of their district offices.

Then there’s the other group. The Antifa creeps. The people who look like they’re three bad minutes away from being a meth head. The people who reportedly mostly live at home in their parents cliche basements. The scared individuals who mask their faces because 1) most of them are ugly, and 2) they’re usually embarrassed about what they’re doing, and 3) I really have no idea what they’re covering up for. When you’re fighting for something and you’re not a ninja, then why are you covering your face? If you’re proud of what you’re fighting for, then why are they so ashamed and hiding behind a mask? Makes no sense, right?

Remember the part where we said May Day was the original Labor Day? Sounds like something that would fight for unions, right? So here’s a video of Antifa idiots obviously causing a problem at a construction site filled with UNION workers. These Antifa idiots are so stupid that they’re getting in the way of people who might be democrats. Or maybe they’re not considering the hilarious language of the construction worker who unloaded bullets covered in foul language at the little starving Antifa peeps.

I love a good cuss out in the morning. It almost smells better than napalm.

A Philadelphia construction worker is going viral after a coarse, profanity-filled tirade at a group of antifa thugs who were demonstrating for May Day.

According to the Philly Voice, the incident happened in Center City as the antifa group — so named because they describe themselves as “anti-fascists,” which means violently opposing anyone to the right of Harold Zinn — was parading about on Tuesday.

Police officers had to step in to separate the construction workers from the antifa demonstrators, who visibly outnumbered the man but apparently didn’t want to go in with them the same way they have with other conservatives.

“P*****s! You’re f***ing communists! You’re the f***ing fascists!” the unidentified construction worker yelled at the group, looking like he would have done more than yell had someone — presumably a law enforcement officer — not intervened.

The Antifa crowd is literally the losers of America. This is the one group in which there is not strength in numbers. That construction worker could have and should have, beat the dickens out of at least a dozen of those mommy-boy twerps and most-likely genderless ugly women.

I would have helped bail that man out of jail if the Antifa thugs took a swing and he wrecked every single one of them. Those construction workers aren’t the people to mess with. They will drop you like a crane smashing a building with a wrecking ball and then lay bricks around your body and use you as mortar. If I assume properly, based on the construction workers shirt, then these are union members being taunted by leftists and this is the reason that some unions are switching to the smart side. The right wing all for America side.

There’s no strength on the left. It’s a conglomerate of the weak. I’m all for having different opinions and living your life the way you wish, but could these people consider doing something that’s not annoying? Maybe get a job or take college courses or learn a trade that would make them a productive individual in life?

If not, then time for them to hit the bricks.

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