OMG! The AP Took This Photo Of Hillary And It Proves She’s Literally Full Of Crap! She Wants It Destroyed!

Okay, this is funny. Even if this was photoshopped, it’s still hilarious. YesI’mRight has come up with a picture of Hillary Clinton and her husband boarding Air Force One. There is no date, but by her hair and his, it looks like it goes back a decade or so. She’s not in a pantsuit, she’s in a pink suit dress… with a brown smudge on her bottom. Now, she could have gotten that anywhere, or it may not be real. Who knows? What I do know is it speaks volumes and pretty much describes Hillary Clinton precisely – she’s full of crap.

From Yes I’m Right!:

With all the embarrassment Hillary Clinton has gone through in the last few months, you’d think she’s had enough. Apparently there’s one more thing that might sent her into a rage and we have our hands on it.

In an undated picture, Hillary is seen climbing the stairs of Air Force One. She is with husband, former President Bill Clinton and they have their arms around each other. But what you don’t see in the cover photo we gave you is where your eye is drawn when the full picture is revealed.

It’s pretty gross!


Yes, I know it is low brow humor, but it is so very appropriate. Wonder if she went to pant suits because of accidents like that? Wonder what the situation was after her interview with the FBI? So many questions and so many possible outcomes. Heh.

Remember during the Democratic debates when she had to run to the bathroom or was late getting back onstage because of said potty break? Well, there you go. Not only does the woman seem to have potential seizure issues and monstrous coughing fits… she seems to be somewhat incontinent as well.

I imagine this photo going around must really, really tick the Hildabeast off. She’s sensitive you know. Even Donald Trump has ribbed her on her ‘disgusting’ bathroom visits. Sigh. I would feel sorry for her if she just wasn’t so damned evil. In all seriousness, her health issues are a real concern and need to be addressed. It might not hurt to actually confront the fact that she is indeed full of feces too. Just sayin’.

Wonder if Trump will get a hold of this photo and run with it? Nothing seems beneath the man and it’s just the kind of stunt he would love. He might title it: ‘Skidmarks on Her Campaign’, or some other witty, crude disparaging moniker. Whereas, Clinton would be absent for that 2 am call… duty calls for this kind of thing. Maybe she should answer.

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