THE CONSERVATIVE PURGE BEGINS Apple Removes Breitbart From Their App Store

You’d think it would be stupid for businesses to take political stances, and, in the process, alienate half their customer base, but a number have recently aligned in doing just that. The latest stance? Opposing

A number of brands have come out in opposition of the website, stating that they’d be withdrawing all advertising from it and boycotting it. Kellogg announced they’d be withdrawing ads from the site, and others doing the same include pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk, eyeglasses maker Warby Parker and the San Diego Zoo. AppNexus, one of the largest online advertising networks, also blocked Breitbart News.

And now even Apple is joining in, giving a helping hand to the far-left in banning Breitbart’s free app from their app-store. As USA Supreme reported:

The Apple store removed from their App store recently.
If you do a search on “Breitbart” or “BreitbartNews” this is what you get.


They’ve removed it.
Breitbart had 45 million monthly readers last month.
They’re too much of a threat.

Third party apps that pull Breitbart stories still are showing up, but those apps are not Breitbart’s actual app, and aren’t affiliated with Breitbart; so it appears Apple is targeting Breitbart directly to start.
Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 2.56.55 PM currently ranks 28th on SimilarWeb’s Top 100 U.S. Media sites, with over 168 million page views in October alone, but is a primary target for a massive, concerted effort by globalists to silence and suppress all opposition voices deemed arbitrarily as “fake news.”

I imagine that Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon joining the Trump administration has played some role in the recent revolt against Breitbart. What are they going to do next, blacklist the website from Apple products?

If they’re going to boycott Breitbart, I’ll be more than happy to boycott them in retaliation. Will you be doing the same? Let us know in the comments section below.

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