ARCAN CETIN: Cascade Mall Killer Praises Allah and ISIS Leader Baghdadi on His Tumblr Page

This last Friday five people were shot and killed by a mass murdered at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington which is located just north of Seattle. Arcan Cetin whose a Turkish born national was arrested shortly after the attack for the tragedy that took five lives. Unlike what the mainstream liberal media has reported he is not a Hispanic man. The police have said that the description of the assailant was based on eye witness reports.

Social media indicates otherwise as seen below,

News has also come to light that he was a supporter of the terrorist group ISIS and that he had praised its leader Baghdadi. Who is on the Federal Bureau of Investigations watch list and is a notorious radical Islamic terrorist.


The Heavy had reported information they attained from the suspects tumblr page in which he spoke of Allah and users referred to Muslim paradise. Look below,


The suspect is being held without bail on five counts of murder. He has a very long criminal history which also includes restraining orders as well as domestic violence charges against him. Because of his prior run ins with the law he was required to take mental health and anger management courses which he complied with. But clearly they did not work what so ever otherwise five innocent people would still be alive today.

By all appearances this attack seems to be another terrorist attack but the mainstream media is ignoring it. However, the police are refusing to call it that yet. The media is also refusing to refer to radical Islamic terrorism.

Given that the presidential debate will be taking place next week this tragedy will likley play a role however small or large in it. Whether it be in influencing the structure of the questions or bringing attention to questions based on gun violence and gun control.

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