Arizona Becomes Fed Up With Black Lives Thugs… EVERY State Should Follow What They Just Did

black lives arizona

Good news for Arizona. It is about time we have some good news for once. These thugs have no right to block traffic. These hired protesters are lucky they weren’t ran over. You also don’t have a right to block Ambulances.

This video was taken at a Trump Rally in Chicago where Black Lives Matter thugs blocked an ambulance. I hope every state follows. This is only the beginning of the chaos from the Black lives matter thugs. I’m afraid things are going to get much worse. Lord help us all!


From Your West Valley

Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Monday that could result in longer jail time for some protesters even as it gives additional rights to others.

Ducey penned his approval to HB 2548 which was originally crafted to forbid state universities and community colleges from unlawfully restricting a student’s right to speak. Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, said he wanted to be sure that “noncommercial expressive activity” was protected on campuses, backed by the threat of a lawsuit.

But the final version of the measure signed by the governor allows judges to impose six-month jail terms on protesters who stop traffic headed to political rallies. Read More

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