Arizona High School Student ‘Jihadi Jim’ Tries To Play Terrorist— Win’s Dumbest Criminal Award


From Mad World: Of all the ridiculousness in the world, this has to rank among the highest. This high school student got exactly what was coming to him after this threat. Now, he has a felony label that has ruined the rest of his life, and it’s just another example of this generation’s downhill spiral.

TUCSON, ARIZONA — Students at Star Academic High School were alarmed when one of their own sent the school a startling message via Facebook. According to Tucson Police Department, on Sunday, November 15, 2015 — just prior to 11 p.m. — the high school’s principal noticed the time-sensitive message on the school’s page.

The report mentions the principal calling 911 and telling authorities someone had warned of a mass shooting at the educational facility pending the following day. The status included that there were two bombs placed on-campus, inside two specific classrooms. As a result, KPHO-5 News reported that all classes were canceled on Monday.

While undergoing extensive investigation, Tucson Police Department’s Specialized Response Division found that the teen had demanded a monetary ransom and advised the school that “this is not a joke.” Of course, with that serious notion added, things got very real for local law enforcement officers. They all “worked tirelessly throughout the day and were able to identify a suspect.”

The teen boy goes by the name of “Jihadi Jim.” He had also posted about the future, catastrophic event somewhere via Facebook, early morning on November 16. According to Tucson PD’s Facebook post, authorities obtained a warrant and searched the area of South 12th Avenue and West Nebraska Street — where they detained five people for questioning. After comprehensive interviews, detectives determined that one of the five detainees was the suspect.

Arturo Gil, 18, was arrested and taken to Pima County Jail, charged with terrorism, a Class-2 felony. He was also charged with hoax, a Class-4 felony.

The police department disclosed as follows.

“The Tucson Police Department takes all threats seriously and works diligently to ensure the safety of our citizens.  The Specialized Response Division investigates each and every one of these incidents.  If it is determined that a person intentionally or knowingly engaged in any conduct that is likely to give the impression that an act of terrorism is taking place or will take place and causes an emergency response, that person may face felony charges.  In addition, per Arizona Revised Statutes, that person may be liable for any expenses for the emergency response and the investigation of the hoax.”

It just doesn’t pay to be a fool — whether as a teen or an adult. Even as a hoax, during these times when terrorism threats within the U.S. are of utmost priority, it’s the wrong subject area in which to attempt a joke. Yet, Arturo did specifically mention that it wasn’t a joke, right?

Also, with the name “Jihadi Jim,” he may as well have hung his boots on the wall and awaited the arresting officers, because that was probably “all she wrote” for Arturo. When and if he gets out of the correctional system, he’ll always be known as a “terrorist.” And now — especially during these times — that’s the last title you’d want attached to you.

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