Arizona Just Ended Rioting With What They Just Took From Every Idiot Who Protests Against Our President!

Ever since President Trump was elected into office, protests have been taking place all over the United States. Paid protestors have even been found to be calling their congresspeople and Senators. Just after Inauguration Day two hundred rioters were arrested and charged with felony crimes.

Conservative reporter Milo Yiannopoulos even gave a speech at UC Berkeley but because of the backlash over $100,000 of damage was caused to the campus. Thus, police are now looking to seize assets from protestors to ensure something like this never happens again.

But Democrats are vociferously against this. Their primary argument is that it will take away their ability to protest. Which is completely false. It takes away their ability to destroy property when protesting, their is a difference. Which they are only doing to begin with because of paid protesting ads on Craigslist and other similar outlets.

Police have the right to arrest people who are inciting violence but liberals argue it is a way to silence protestors. When in reality it is simply a good way to maintain the peace. They are aiding in ensuring that violence does not break out. It is SB1142 that gives police the rights to do so.

It also expands the racketeering laws to include rioting as well. It includes damage to property as well. It also allows federal officials to seize all property of planned protestors. Regardless of whether they want to admit it or not their are very wealthy liberals like George Soros and Al Sharpton who are financially incentivizing people to riot and protest. This bill would prohibit that type of behavior and stop the planned rioting that causes such damage.

Perhaps once this is achieved pubic servants will be able to get to the core of what people’s issues are. Because paid protestors don’t have real grievances.


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