Arizona Sheriff Meets Obama Face to Face and DESTROYS Him on Gun Control—Obama Stunned!

President Obama got slapped in the face about the reality and facts of gun control last night at a town hall and it made him look ridiculous. Similar to when Taya Kyle schooled him on gun control too.

Sherriff Paul Babeu spoke directly to the president and asked him what solutions his executive orders would have solved. His question was referencing mass shootings under the Obama administration. President Obama gave a non answer in which eh really danced around the answer without actually answering it.

Babeu also noted that the executive orders concerning gun control are im fact verifiably unconstitutional. This man is also running for Congress in Arizona and I certainly think he gained a few supporters or more that night.

Some of the comments on the website include the following,

“Betty Lou Tracy: Obama..,it used to be the parent intervening violence in the neighborhood. Me…now it is the parent acting out violence in front of their children, buying violent video games and egging on their kids to act out their anger, that results in distorted commentaries like this one.

Keith N Cynthia Peeks: I hate this pres…his mouth is moving and crap is all that ever is coming out…..quit using your executive rights in YOUR LAST TERM….your name will forever be the worst pres the US ever had…all you’re doing in your last year is making more & more of that…..

Bill Ungor: Am I the only one that realized that he never answered the sheriff’s questions

Ben Thompson: You’re right. He never answered the question. He very seldom does. But he dances around spouting just words until he can morph into his message. One thing though, I doubt that his new action will prevent any more killings. The guy here in Roseburg at Umpqua had no record and all guns he had on him and at home were all legally obtained.”

Watch below,

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