Arkansas Muslim Couple Being Hunted By FBI For Terroristic Threats

After the terrorist attacks in Orlando, Florida more potential terror threats are being investigated by federal authorities. A husband and wife from Arkansas, Daphne and Alan Crawford, were criminally charged for making terroristic threats last Thursday. They were released the next day in Friday.

The KNWA reports the Fayetteville Police Department and FBI are conducting a manhunt on the two suspects. Another news station, KFSM News, reported on May 24th that the couple was located at Mel’s Diner in Prairie Grove. Alan Crawford apparently became infuriated with a waitress for daring to slam the door in between the dining room and the kitchen.

According to witnesses he said,

Only a Christian would treat them like that.”

He reportedly started to become more and more upset because he alleged his order was taking far too long and the food was too expensive. Before they exited the establishment, the police affidavit stated that his wife, Daphne Crawford told the waitress,

People like you are the reason we kill.”

The couple took to social media to make more threats. Daphne Crawford threatened a woman that her husband Alan Crawford would murder her with an AK-47 and she sent this woman a photo of her husband. The picture shows him kneeling to the ground while wearing traditional Islamic clothing and holding a gun.

Alan Crawford was arrested on June 16th and a short time later released. Now they are at large and the manhunt continues.

Our society has become so politically correct that people don’t want to call the proper authorities when strange behavior takes place. When they do, and they are arrested they are let free. Had law enforcement kept these potential terror threats behind bars they wouldn’t be on the loose a danger to our communities. Law enforcement likely felt they had their hands tied with government bureaucracy who didn’t want to portray the image they were targeting Muslims.

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