Arkansas Senator Proposes Bill REMOVING Clinton’s Name From Airport, And Citizens Back it!


Senator Jason Rapert claims that Arkansas does not support Bill and Hillary Clinton and that he might consider legislation that would change the name of the airport in Little Rock.

Here’s what the sign looks like now, but if the Arkansas senator goes through with this idea, then the sign might change in the future, which is a good thing considering the flawed history of the Clinton family.


Downtrend – An Arkansas state senator is entertaining possible legislation that would change the name of Little Rock’s airport, erasing Bill and Hillary Clinton’s names from it.

“Would you support a bill removing the names of Bill & Hillary Clinton from the Little Rock Airport?” Sen. Jason Rapert wrote on Twitter on Monday night. “Arkansas does not support them,” ArkansasOnline is reporting.

The tweet included a poll so users could vote for or against deleting the Clintons from Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field. As of 2:05 p.m. Tuesday, 53 percent of those who voted opposed removing the names. By 8:30 p.m., 67 percent of more than 1,800 respondents were against removing the names. Any Twitter user not blocked by Rapert’s account can vote in the poll.

Rapert on Tuesday said he tweeted the poll to get feedback from constituents. He said one of his colleagues in the Senate is considering a bill that would rename the airport. Rapert, a Republican representing District 35, declined to identify the colleague, saying the senator wasn’t “ready to step out on it.”

What’s the point in having a sign with the Clinton name on it? Bill nailed interns and cheated on his wife in the White House. Hillary has her own voter fraud and email investigations surrounding her. Should their name be represented at an airport? Probably not. While they’ve both been wildly successful, it hasn’t been without absolute disgraceful negative actions.

Ask Monica Lewinsky’s dress how it feels about the Clinton name being on a Little Rock airport, and I’m sure the DNA that should’ve been on Bill’s wife is enough of a reason to erase the name.

I’m not sure that having Bill and Hill on the airport sign really ruins anyone’s day, but I’m also not sure it should really be there in the first place.

Names without scandal should be represented in public places.

Shouldn’t we focus on positive influences and honor people who’ve done great things for society?

Nailing an intern in every room of the White House and deleting emails isn’t the best representation of Americans.

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