Texas homeowners, preparing for the holiday season, have posted an awesome sign warning potential thieves that they might not want to try anything sneaky around their home.

Kell and Julie Curtis have been hearing about front porch thieves in the Fort Worth area over the last 30 days, so they decided to take a proactive approach and let any would-be package snatchers know that thievery wouldn’t be accepted, according to NBCDFW. In fact, two packages have gone missing in their neighborhood this month.

“It’s one of the most beautiful, best kept secrets of Fort Worth,” Kell Curtis said, describing his neighborhood.

Two thefts were two too many, however, so he and his wife got a little creative and posted this epic sign on their door, complete with a Christmas wreath above it to show their warm holiday spirit.

Armed Homeowners Post EPIC Warning To Would-Be Package Thieves


If that doesn’t make the point, I’m not sure what does.

Kell offered some insight into who the sign was addressing. “It is a Texas thing, yes. I do own guns, and yes I do have cameras. They’re rolling. So it’s just neighbors, family: you’re all welcome; potential package stealers: you’re not,” Kell Curtis said.

Armed Homeowners Post EPIC Warning To Would-Be Package Thieves

They actually have other signs around the house as well, just to ensure that would-be thieves know what’s coming if they try anything shady.

“They’re a little forward, but you know what? If it protects us and keeps our property safe, I’m fine with them,” said Julie Curtis.

Above all, Mr. Curtis says that the signs aren’t at all just hot air. In fact, there’s a good chance if someone tried to rob him, they wouldn’t make out too well.

“In Texas it’s legal to do so [shoot an intruder], so if I felt threatened, yes,” he said.

The full report from NBCDFW is below:

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