Armed Illegals Try To Take Over Several Farms In Texas — Get Met With ALL OUT WAR By Pissed Off Cowboys

The state of Texas has long been known as a land of cowboys, guns, and ranches. It’s known worldwide as part of the “wild west” and has the privilege of being the only state that can fly its flag as high as the United States flag, because it was once a sovereign nation.

Texas has more oil under it than most middle eastern countries, and produces more cotton and cattle than any other state in the union. Unfortunately, over 8000 of those farms and ranches have a little location problem: they border Mexico. The men and women who live and work in these border areas have come under attack again from drug cartels who have been blamed for thousands of murders in Mexico.

According to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples:

“It’s a war, make no mistake about it. And it’s happening on American soil. Farmers and ranchers are being run off their own property by armed terrorists showing up and telling them they have to leave their land.”

Given the amount of people in the US that depend on Texas for food, Staples is afraid that it’s not only a threat to our national security, but to our food supply as well. Because of this, he launched a website called It’s a place where frustrated and scared farmers can share their stories.

Thankfully, a group of concerned citizens called the “Texas Border Volunteers” have formed to help the Texas Ranchers keep the borders secure, as they aid our US Border Agents to track down and apprehend aliens who illegally cross our borders. The group founders, Dr. Vickers and his wife Linda have owned the 12 Oak Ranch for more than 30 years. He said people crossing into the country illegally create crawl holes underneath his electrified fence and use paths on his property to walk toward their destination.

Via krgv:

“We’re very vigilant and we realize that a lot of the people coming through are gang members, criminals, and with that we’ve got dogs to alert us here on the ranch. My wife in particular depends on the dogs, especially when I’m not here,” he said.

Vickers said he’s seen a number of those who didn’t make it all the way.

“We’ve had dead bodies show up from time to time, it’s pretty disturbing. But it’s something we’ve learned to live with,” he said.

Vickers regularly patrols his own ranch for illegal activity. When he sees it, he reports it to Border Patrol. The thought of possibly not have to do that anymore makes him feel at ease.


America’s southern border is constantly under attack, but since it’s not being officially sanctioned by a government, many think it’s ok to ignore it. Not only are we being infiltrated by any and all who care to enter, Americans are literally in fear for their lives and land. Make no mistake, we are at war and if we don’t pay attention we could lose.

(Source: 100 Percent Fed Up)

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