Armed THUG Breaks Into 74-Year-Old’s Home, Points Gun… Then Pays For It Instantly


An elderly man might be seen as an easy victim by most criminals — but thanks to the Second Amendment, age has little to do with self-defense.

That’s exactly what a 74-year-old just proved after his Southgate, Mich. home was invaded by an armed thug.

According to police, a criminal broke through a window of the elderly man’s home and climbed into the residence. That robber was armed, but he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

When the criminal entered one of the rooms, he encountered the unnamed homeowner. “The suspect came out of a room and pointed a gun at him,” said Southgate Director of Public Safety Thomas Coombs.

There was one problem: The senior citizen was armed, too.

According to The Detroit News, that 74-year-old man defended himself from the armed robber using a handgun. He fired one shot, which hit and killed the intruder (H/T Western Journalism).

During the investigation, it was revealed that the elderly man and his wife were asleep when the robber first broke in. They were woken up by suspicious noises.

The resident armed himself and was trying to call the police when the criminal confronted him.

“That was the confrontation that caused everything to happen,” said Coombs. “I don’t believe there were any words exchanged.”

Police stated that the senior citizen legally owned the firearm that was used and it appears to be a case of lawful self-defense.

“Based on the information we know presently,” explained Coombs, “they would find it was a justified shooting. He was protecting his life.”

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood,” commented Southgate Police Chief Jeff Smith. “This isn’t something that we normally have happen.”

That just goes to show that you simply don’t know when a dangerous situation will occur.

Luckily for the Michigan citizen, he was prepared to defend himself and his wife — even in the middle of the night.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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