Thug Broke Into The Wrong Home, Gets A .45 Stuck In His Mouth, Shits Himself, Then Gets Blown AWAY!

A young thug from Florida is sitting in a hospital right now recovering from a gunshot wound sustained from breaking and entering into a woman’s home. Among other things I’m sure his lost dignity is something he’s recovering from as well.

In Ocala, Florida the Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported of a break in on Sunday. Victor Alex Etherington was found naked, covered in human feces, and profusely bleeding from an abdomen gunshot wound.

Etherington reportedly knocked on the kitchen window demanding the owner let him in. The 54-year old female owner refused so he kicked the door in. The woman ran to her bedroom upstairs, proceeded to call 911 and got her handy .22 caliber handgun.

Police told News 13,

The suspect then followed her upstairs to the bedroom at which time she locked herself in the bedroom closet. The suspect forced entry into the bedroom, took off his shorts, (which he had defecated in) and forced entry into the closet where the victim was hiding.”

Lauren Lettelier, a spokeswoman for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office spoke to WFTV and said,

The intruder ended up with no clothes on in her bedroom.”

The woman was forced to shoot the intruder and hit him in the abdomen. A short time later law enforcement officials arrived and guess what they found! They found the man cowering behind a door. The woman was safe and sound!

He was transported via an ambulance to Ocala Regional Medical Center and received emergency surgery and is now in stable condition.

In a country full of heated political dialogue over gun control this story stands on its own proving what we really need to do to protect us from violent criminals is a good firearm. Law enforcement officials typically take six minutes to respond while a draw-and-shoot takes less than ten seconds. This woman’s right to exercise her second amendment right saved her life. Take that into consideration the next time you go to the voting booth.

As we like to say in New Hampshire, live free or die!


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