Army Drill Sergeant Puts Christmas Eve Purse Snatcher in Arm Bar (VIDEO)


Rhonda Healey was doing some last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve at a Manchester, New Hampshire area Wal Mart when a homeless man snatched her purse from her cart and took off.

Unfortunately for the would be thief, an Army Drill Sergeant, Rich White, was in the store.

White tackled the suspect, who’s last name was also White, and held him in arm bar until police arrived.

According to local media reports:

Rick White, who recently returned home after a 9-month-tour with the Army in Afghanistan, grabbed Alan White’s arm, pinned him to the ground and held him until police arrived. A shopper inside the store captured the moment on camera.

“I grabbed him and tossed him to the ground,” said Rick White. “He tried to hit and grab me. I sat on him until the police came.”

“With all the opportunity for help, there is no need to steal,” said Rich White. “To me it wasn’t a big thing. I am just glad I could help out.”

The suspect was arrested without incident and was charged with theft.

Courtesy of Controversial Times 

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