Army Sgt. Releases FIERY Speech About Real Reason For Paris Attacks… This Is A Must Watch


(Conservative Tribune) There have been many reactions around the globe to the brutality we all witnessed last Friday in paris. Among them was that of Army Sgt. Marcus Rogers, who released a video in which he explained what he thought was fueling the Islamic State group.

Rogers stated that he heard about the attacks in paris from his post in South Korea, and his immediate reaction was one that was shared by many Americans.

“We are at war. Whether you want to admit it, whether you want to believe it,” he stated.

Rogers went on to explain that he believed the devil was behind the Islamic State group, but that everything will be OK because his destiny was already sealed.

“You want to know the truth about the attacks in Paris?” Rogers stated. “ISIS and all these other things that are going on in the world, it’s just the Enemy’s pawns and his temper tantrum. Why is he throwing a temper tantrum? Because he knows his time is short. He knows that he is fighting a losing battle.”

“You look at ISIS, who do they hate? They hate Christians, they are going around putting Christians in cages, setting them on fire, cutting their heads off,” said Rogers, who has made a series of popular videos commenting on current affairs.

Despite all of the evil in the world, from the Middle East to middle America, Rogers stated that he is not afraid because his faith in God will save him from any harm that might come his way.

“When I see stuff going on in the news, I’m not going to get scared; I’m not going to panic … Jesus is coming, you all better wake up. The signs of the times are very clear. He’s about to crack the sky, any day, and I hope that you are ready,” he stated.

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