Army Soldier Reveals Shocking Secret Melania Whispered In His Ear During Inauguration Dance That Gave Him Chills

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it very clear that veterans were going to be an issue on the top of his to-do list. Whether it was promoting them more or reforming the Veterans Administration. He made clear that he was going to fulfill his promise during the inauguration. Of all the balls The Salute to Our Armed Services was by far the best.

Military members serving in the Middle East even joined in on the celebration by skyping in via a webcast. At one point in the night, the President and the First Lady danced with service members and their spouses after sharing their first dance together. What happened next will warm your hearts.

The gentleman who danced with First Lady Melania Trump was Army Staff Sergeant Jose Medina who is 29 years old and from Puerto Rico. He was very excited to have the chance to dance with the First Lady. Medina told Inside Edition,

It was incredible Obviously it was a great privilege and honor to get the chance to dance with the First Lady. She was nervous. I don’t think she was ready for all of that attention.”

She was just saying ‘hi’ to me, congratulating me on being selected. I just told her that she was beautiful and that she had a beautiful family. And she smiled.”

The Army Staff Sergeant served in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was incredibly nervous about the night. Explaining how it made him at ease that it appeared the First Lady was equally as nervous.

Medina described how he asked the First Lady if he could twirl her to which she said yes. When he finally had the chance to do it the crowd went crazy clearly enjoying it. He went on to explain to the Inside Edition reporter that the First Lady tried to get to know him better behind the scenes asking him questions and wanting to take pictures.

If there is anything that is truer it is that the United States is lucky to have her as a First Lady.

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