Army squelching report on Bergdahl ‘desertion’ to avoid embarrassing Obama, (VIDEO)


Seven months after president obama stood in the Rose Garden to announce the United States had traded five Taliban leaders for a suspected Army deserter, the Army investigation of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl remains a secret.

And it’s going to stay that way to avoid embarrassing the president, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

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The biggest issue facing the White House is Obama’s personal elevation of the Bergdahl swap, trumpeting it with his own announcement, then trotting out minions like former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to make ludicrous statements about how Bergdahl served his country with “honor and distinction” – right up until he walked off his base in enemy territory.

“The president’s personal – personal – involvement in the trade of Sergeant Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders at Gitmo is so toxic, such a hot potato, I think he prefers that we never know exactly what happened,” Napolitano said.

The bigger issue is that the American people already know exactly what happened: the United States traded five important prisoners in the war on terror for one guy who walked away from his post and his comrades in the face of the enemy.

And American soldiers likely died looking for him.

No wonder the Army is holding up the report.

—Courtesy of BizPac Review

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