Traitor Bergdahl About To Go Free For Leaving Soldier Paralyzed After SICK Trick He Just Pulled!

Everyone remembers Obama’s little pet Bowe Berghdahl. The dirtbag deserter who got several Soldiers in his military unit killed after wandering off base to hook up with the Taliban. Now the deserter/Muslim convert that Obama traded for 5 GITMO terrorists is back in the news again, after the ridiculous claims he’s making about President Trump as he goes before a jury to learn his fate.

Rather than taking his punishment like a man, the infamous traitor is now looking for a loophole to get him off the hook for treason. His asinine reason is because of disparaging and mean comments that Trump made about him on the campaign trail, where Trump repeatedly referred to him as a “traitor.” Bergdahl is now whining that because of Trump’s remarks, he will never be able to get a fair trial, and will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. According to CNN:

The defense team of US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl argued Monday he is unable to have a fair trial because of numerous comments made by then-candidate, now President Donald Trump on the 2016 campaign trail.

Shortly after the President’s inauguration, Bergdahl’s defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the charges after Trump repeatedly called the sergeant a “traitor” during the 2016 presidential campaign.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Even someone with half a functioning brain cell can clearly see this moron has committed treason, and therefore is the textbook definition of a traitor.  President Trump simply calling a spade a spade is hardly grounds for this nasty Muslim deserter to get off on all his charges.

If we lived in a sane world, not only would this idiot be brought up on treason charges, but he would be publicly hung. It’s absolutely asinine that we’re even having a conversation about the possibility that he could be let off the hook for not only desertion, but for getting several of his platoon members killed. But I guess when Obama rewards your behavior because you’re one of his Muslim kin by trading you for 5 GITMO terrorists and then inviting your parents to the White House for hugs, that’s enough to make anyone’s ego over-inflate.

H/T [Allen West, Inquisitr]

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