Army Veteran Facing PRISON Time After PISSED OFF People See 6-Inch Detail On His Property Fence

Army Veteran Facing PRISON Time After PISSED OFF People See 6-Inch Detail On His Property Fence

A USA ARMY veteran faces prison time for posting something the size of an index card on the fence of the Veterans Administration Facility. Considering HE IS A VETERAN and the item he placed was a 4×6 American Flag, you have to wonder what the problem is.

This building is in California and you know how the liberals are there. Obama’s regime won’t let veteran hang little American flags at the Veterans building. Oh no. That makes too much sense.

People under Obama’s team are trying to press charges on the man and hope they stick. They’ve done it before, but the charges were dropped.

This is a perfect example of how people waste tax payer money. Hopefully Jeff Sessions puts an end to this waste of taxpayer money.

The case brought by the Obama administration is over a pair of “four-by-six-inch American flags,” explains Judicial Watch.

They were placed on a fence that is part of the “Great Lawn Gate” marking the entrance to the Los Angeles National Veterans Park on Memorial Day in 2016.

“Will Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute a 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran for posting two American flags in a southern California Veterans Administration facility?” Judicial Watch asked Tuesday.

“The absurd case was initiated under President Obama, but is set to go to trial in federal court next month under new DOJ leadership. The military veteran faces up to six months in jail for the ghastly offense of affixing Old Glory at a site honoring those who served their country.”

Who cares if a veteran puts American flags on the fence of the veterans building? Why is that such a bad thing? He fought for his country, he’s decorating his building with his flag. There’s no damage, no trash, nothing. I get it though – don’t touch the fence because that’s the rules. OK, fine. We get it. But you don’t take the man to court over it.

What if he keeps doing it?

If no one in the world objects to it, besides a liberal, then leave the flag there. It’s a veterans building. It’s OK. It’s not hurting anyone.

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