ARRESTED: They Got HIM! Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump Over Food Stamps


People like this sure make me frustrated as I send in my quarterly taxes this month…

Back in May, a “rapper” posted a video where he threatened to kill Donald Trump if he “takes away Momma’s food stamps.” I haven’t seen Trump threaten to cut food stamps….. ever, but half of leftists (or more) know nothing about politics anyway.


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Dennis Michael Lynch writes:

Demarcus Davis, 22, posted the threatening video under the name “Main Musik”.   He included statements in the video about a supposed connection to ISIS, and displayed a whole cache of weapons.   Unfortunately for him, his house number and a street name were visible in the video.

And the best part? He’s a felon, so the legal system isn’t going to be too kind towards him for having firearms in his possession.

On another note – liberals must be baffled as to how be managed to illegally obtain a firearm.

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