As Rioters Target White People, Identity of Cop Comes Out and STUNS Everyone…

A young African American man was recently killed by an African American police officer in Milwaukee and as a result widespread rioting and protesting has begun to occur. Videos and reports have inundated the Internet with the raucousness going on in the Midwestern city.

The Journal Sentinal reported,

“The Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot an armed suspect Saturday is black, sources have told the Journal Sentinel. City and police officials are expected to speak publicly this afternoon about the shooting and rioting that broke out in the surrounding Sherman Park neighborhood afterward.

Earlier Sunday, city and community leaders gathered to discuss the unrest and the underlying concerns of residents. And Gov. Scott Walker activated the Wisconsin National National Guard to assist the Milwaukee Police Department upon request.

Walker said he put the guard on alert after a request from Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and conferring with Mayor Tom Barrett and Major Gen. Donald Dunbar.

The development came as a sense of calm and order returned to the neighborhood Sunday morning after a night when businesses were torched, cars overturned and set ablaze, and gunfire erupted following the fatal police shooting.”

The suspect who was killed was 23 years old and ordered to put down his weapon. He refused and thus was shot. While his death is no doubt a tragedy it easily could have been avoided had he listened to the advice of law enforcement officials. Those calling this yet another example of overarching police brutality and systemic racism should once again read the first line of this article.

A black police officer shot a black man. This is a black on black incident. So how this cha be construed as a racist issue is rather befuddling and makes very little sense other than to use this event as an excuse to bring more attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.


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