As Suspected Terror Rages In Berlin, Obama Hits Hawaiian Golf Course

Germany has led the charge in Europe in welcoming in refugees by the millions – and guess what? As we’ve been warning all along, some terrorists have slipped through the cracks posing as refugees.

ISIS released a statement saying Monday night’s truck attack in Berlin which killed 12 and injured 48 was carried out by “a soldier of the Islamic State.” Meanwhile, what is Barack Obama up to his last month in office?

As the Daily Caller reported:

An assassination in Turkey and suspected terrorist attack in Berlin haven’t stopped Barack Obama from golfing while he is on vacation in Hawaii.

According to a White House pool report, the president left his vacation home in Kailua Monday morning to play a round of golf under cloudy skies at the Mid-Pacific Country Club.

Meanwhile, a lone Turkish gunman assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey at an art exhibit in Ankara and shouted “Don’t forget Syria!” and “Don’t forget Aleppo!” afterwards. The gunman was later killed by officers during a shootout

Obama did have time to grant clemency to 231 prisoners Monday, and has set the record for commuting more sentences than any other President.


The responses from Team Obama and Team Trump couldn’t have been any more different. he Obama administration exercised caution. It said the Berlin atrocity “appears to have been a terrorist attack.” Team Trump, by contrast, simply called it a “horrifying terror attack.” The White House avoided speculation about the Turkish assassin’s motive. Team Trump, by contrast, called him a “radical Islamic terrorist.”

Thank God it’s just another month until we have a President who isn’t afraid to call terrorism what it is…


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