BREAKING: Assad Confirms Our WORST Fears About Jihadists Who Killed Ambassador Stevens – TRUMP WAS RIGHT!!

The Benghazi scandal always seems to come back and reemerge as a topic of conversation in the media when we least expect it. Now it has again. Libya’s leader Bashar Assad has been yelling from the mountaintops that nations who take in refugees that are fleeing war and persecution had better beware of terrorists that have infiltrated the groups.

There is one terrorist group, in particular, he is referring to. The one who murdered our diplomatic ambassador Stevens on that fateful night in Northern Africa. It was just the ambassador and one person who stood between themselves and those seeking to bring heavy artillery to Syria and Libya.

Which insinuates that Stevens very well could have been left for dead because of everything he knew about corrupt high profile politicians actions in the northern part of Africa.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad, is trying with great passion and convincing demeanor to warn everyone in every nation that is taking in refugees fleeing the war that has befallen his nation to beware of the terrorists that he warns are”definitely” mingled into the mix.

We know already that Ambassador Stevens made repeated requests for help and back up and was ignored. It seems that he and only one other person were all that stood between him and the people who were working to bringing in heavy weapons to Syria from Libya. This means that Assad is perfectly correct about not only the terrorist threat, but that America’s top brass may have actually allowed Stevens to be murdered. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN LEFT TO DIE ON PURPOSE TO HIDE WHAT HE KNEW.

Assad was recently questioned by reporters about the President and his recent immigration executive order. Specifically, they wanted to know if he agrees with the President or the protesters.

His answer was simple. He said it was not a judgment for him to make but the American people. But he did emphasize the internet has many errors and falsehoods out there. Most importantly he noted that there are videos of terrorists admitting to infiltrating refugee camps in order to import terrorism.

The Syrian President said,

“Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West. For me, the priority is to bring those citizens to their country, not to help them immigrate.‘”

He practically admitted that terrorists are acting as refugees and that it was corrupt American officials who left Americans to die in Benghazi, Libya for fear of their crimes coming to light. Perhaps President Trump will now have an unlikely and unexpected ally in his immigration executive order fight and foreign policy challenges.

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