Assoc. Press Shows How Hillary Put State Dept. Up For Sale (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton may have decades more political experience than Donald Trump, but her record shows that despite her experience, she’s not the kind of person we’d want running America.

When debate moderators get tired of asking Trump about Barack Obama’s birth certificate or the Miss Universe pageant, they might want to pose a question to Hillary Clinton that is actually worth asking. It’s pretty obvious whose side they’re on, especially considering the media only chooses to cover highlights from the first debate that were favorable towards Clinton. They control the strings of the debate, and the narrative.

That question they should ask Hillary is “Why did you fail to take any of the mandatory training courses on how to handle classified material — required to keep your security clearance — while you were Secretary of State?”

The fact that Clinton didn’t get this training has now been firmly established, thanks to the dogged work of the Daily Caller, which has been suing the State Department for documents what would indicate if Clinton had.

The latest document dump shows that Clinton never took “the highest level of security training mandated by the Department of State for the proper handling of the government’s most secret documents,” the Daily Caller reported the other day.

And this is the person that millions think we should trust as President? Give me a break.

Donald Trump knows that if the American people knew the truth about Hillary, he’d be fifty points ahead in the polls. As DennisMichaelLynch reported:

An advertisement recently released by the Trump campaign shows an Associate Press Report broadcasted on CBS This Morning that exposes Hillary for fraud pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and her time as Secretary of State.

The Associated Press Report examined Hillary’s daily schedules and found that 85 of the 164 people who got meetings or phone calls with Clinton had donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Trump shared the ad on both Twitter and Facebook and wrote “Hillary Clinton put the office of Secretary of State up for sale – and if she ever got the chance, she’d put the Oval Office up for sale too. While she profits off the RIGGED system, I am fighting for YOU!”

The exposing advertisement can be seen below:

If everyone see’s this, there’s no way Hillary Clinton will be our next President. Get the word out – spread this video EVERYWHERE!


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