Australia Admits Gun Control FAILURE; Announces Change Of Direction

Australia has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Specifically their gun buyback program which they are now having to admit is a failure. They currently have an approximate 260,000 illegal guns still floating around their country. Now the Prime Minister is basically admitting this failure when he called for an amnesty program enabling people to turn over their illegally owned and obtained firearms with the promise that they will not be prosecuted for crimes used while using the gun.

Back in 1996 35 people were killed in a savage massacre by a lone gunman and as a result they enforced really tight restrictions on gun ownership. Justice Minister Michael Keenan announced his amnesty plan to the media and explained it in detail. He said that the amnesty program will allow people to turn in firearms without fear of prosecution in order to get them off the streets. He admitted that illegal gun sales still happen despite stringent control.

Unfortunately as a result of the strict gun control law abiding citizens who aren’t allowed to buy guns goes to the streets to illegally arm themselves in order to protect themselves. The government renders them helpless and hey have to eat the law in order to protect themselves. That is wrong. But the premise of gun control is completely inaccurate too.

In the years following the Australian massacre and the ensuing gun control their was a large increase in murder, sexual assault, rape and other violent crimes such as unarmed robbery. The results of the ban are unimpressive because crime has not wavered much at all.

Australia has also reported other mass shootings in Australia on a smaller scale. Which directly indicates the gun control really is not working at all. Yet Australia is touted as so great due to their gun control.

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