Australian ISIS Jihadist Posts Pic of Son With Decapitated Head, Brags ‘That’s My Boy’


Another appalling act by the terrorist group ISIS. Khaled Sharrouf is a Muslim from Australia who traveled to Syria with his sons to join ISIS. After a Syrian soldier was beheaded by Sharrouf he and his seven year old son posed for pictures with it.

ISIS has continued their psychopathic acts against humanity and the world is just watching. Its reminds me of the sequence of events leading up to World War II when the world allowed Hitler to become very powerful and commit these heinous crimes. We need intervention now by world powers to destroy these people before it boils into larger issue.

Here’s the photo’s from Sharrouf:

article-2721230-206D17E500000578-975_634x474 2014-08-11_1437

Screen-Shot-2014-04-20-at-21.08.59 isis-terrorist-kids-screencap iraq-itv-armed-child article-2721230-206CFB4800000578-980_634x753-252x300
Sharrouf's Twitter.jpg



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