Austria Is Done With MUSLIM MIGRANTS, Prepping to Seal Off Borders!

From BREAKING911: Austria is now considering closing its borders to migrants after they claimed  numbers are reaching a maximum.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said: “Most probably in the coming months our maximum number will be reached, so Austria will have to stop the migrants at its border,”

He also said that Macedonia must be ready to put a complete stop on accepting migrants into their country.

‘We know this will be a hard task and today we agreed that Austria will lend its support, not only in terms of personnel such as police and army but with equipment too.’

 The comments come after the European Union admitted the migrant crisis was affecting borderless travel within Europe.

In Particular, over 1.1million migrants entered Germany during 2015.


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Most of the migrants have entered Europe through Turkey and Greece as they enter European nations such as Sweden and Germany.

Many nations have imposed strict border controls to dead with the mass influx.

Over 80,000 migrants Entered Europe during the first six weeks of this year.

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