Austria Deploying Army To Stop Migrants After Thousands Discovered With Forged Identities

From BREAKING911: Austria is readying its army to mobilize to stop migrants from entering its borders after it was revealed they are refusing over 1,000 migrants with forged identities.

Border agents have said that 3,000 migrants have already been rejected at the border after it was discovered they had lied about their identities.

The defence minister has now issued instructions to the military to enforce tougher rules, which will be in effect as of tomorrow.


This news came as Austrian officials claimed they were powerless to deport any migrants involved in sex attacks.

Austria is now working with Slovenia and Germany, and is actively engaging in a three-way discussion so solve the migrant crisis.

Meanwhile the parliamentary party leader from the conservative People’s Party, Reinhold Lopatka, said: ‘Previously we had 3,000 refugees, but last year it was 90,000. We won’t survive another year with that level coming into the country.’


He added: ‘People are not prepared to listen when we blame the EU for this problem.’

Russia has also vowed to increase its military presence by increasing the number of troops along its border with Europe.


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