Austria Says It Will Build A Fence To Control ‘Aggressive’ Refugees As 8,000 Enter Per Day


via BREAKING911: Austria has announced it will build a fence along its border with fellow EU member Slovenia in a bid to slow down the flow of migrants.

Both countries are part of the passport-free Schengen zone and have been key transit countries for tens of thousands of refugees desperately seeking to reach northern Europe via the Balkans.

‘This is about ensuring an orderly, controlled entry into our country, not about shutting down the border,’ she told public broadcaster Oe1.

The politician of the conservative OeVP party said the situation risked escalating as people were forced to wait in freezing temperatures for hours before being allowed to cross the border.



She added: ‘We know that in recent days and weeks individual groups of migrants have become more impatient, aggressive and emotional.

‘If groups of people push from behind, with children and women stuck in-between, you need stable, massive measures.’

On Tuesday, the minister had already hinted at the fence during a visit to the Spielfeld border crossing, saying she was considering ‘structural measures’ to be implemented at the checkpoint.

She said between 3,000 and 8,000 people were crossing the border every day, but warned: ‘We also need to prepare ourselves (in case numbers rise) to 12,000.’




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