Authorities Have BIG Warning For Everyone In America After What Muslim In Ohio Was Just Caught Doing

FBI agents arrested Laith Waleed Alebbini, 26, on Wednesday afternoon almost immediately after he obtained a boarding pass for a flight to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. This Muslim scumbag went on to freely admit his plan was to travel to Syria in order to join the fight for ISIS.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman stated last week that Jordanian citizen Laith Waleed Alebbini, who has been confirmed to have legal permanent residence status in the United States since April 2014, was nabbed at the airport as he tried to travel to Syria via a flight to Turkey or Jordan. FBI agents have confirmed Alebbini was trying to get to Syria to fight alongside his brothers at ISIS’ fight against the Syrian government and us Americans. Because absolutely nothing brings people closer than killing, beheading and raping. Maybe these people should try watching a football game while drinking a beer like we do here in the US. Reports:

“The complaint against Alebbini, filed in U.S. District Court, states he attempted to travel to Syria via a flight to Turkey or Jordan in order to fight with ISIS against Syrian leadership.

Alebbini has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

The FBI states Alebbini is a citizen of Jordan, a became a legal permanent resident of the United States in April 2014, and first traveled to the U.S. in July 2011.

A sworn affidavit from FBI investigators states Alebbini was arrested Jan. 10 for unlawfully entering the Turkish embassy in Washington D.C., but the charges were later dropped.

Two days later, Alebbini tried to travel to Turkey via Amsterdam, but was denied entry because his Jordanian passport had expired, officials said. He returned to the U.S. on Jan. 15.

On Jan. 23, the FBI states Alebbini was interviewed about the incident at the Turkish embassy.

During the interview, Alebbini allegedly admitted to posting pro-ISIS videos on Facebook and to supporting ISIS’s desire for a united Middle East.

He allegedly said during the interview that “I am the perfect recruit for ISIS,” but said he did not agree with their violence, according to court documents.

He said his reason for going to the embassy was to discuss the conflict in the Middle East with the Turkish Ambassador, the documents state.

“Alebbini said the security at the embassy was very lax, and that ‘if I had on bomb on me, I swear to God, three embassies would have done down,’” investigators reported in the affidavit.

But Alebbini was not jailed after those conversations with the FBI.

Investigators state he moved to Dayton March 1 to live with a woman he claimed was his wife.

Two days after moving to Dayton, a “confidential human source” began speaking with Alebbini, according to court documents.

The FBI stated the source was a previously convicted felon who has served a sentence for weapons and wire fraud offenses.

“The [source] hopes to receive immigration-related benefits for his/her cooperation,” the FBI stated in an affidavit.

The FBI said it paid the source $3,500 during the course of the investigation into Alebbini. The agency stated it had previously paid the source $15,000 during other cases.

During recorded conversations with the source, the FBI states Alebbini made several pro-ISIS statements and expressed support for some of their violent acts.

“The best choice is the Islamic State, best choice for the Muslims,” Alebbini allegedly said.

On March 29, the day after one of Alebbini’s friends was reportedly arrested in Jordan, he told the source he planned to travel to Washington D.C. then Jordan and Syria to fight with ISIS, according to the affidavit.

The FBI states Alebbini said his family knew that he wanted to join ISIS, but did not support him, so they took away his passport.

“Alebbini stated that even if he joins Al-Dawlah (ISIS) and only fires a couple shots before he is killed, it would be good, because he would be inciting the faithful,” court documents state.

On April 15, Alebbini contacted the FBI to ask if he was able to travel overseas. The FBI reportedly told him the Turkish embassy investigation did not bar him from traveling.

After discussing his desires, the source with FBI approval gave both Alebbini and his female partner $1,500 to purchase tickets from Cincinnati to Chicago then on to Turkey and Jordan, according to court documents.

The FBI said they learned Alebbini had purchased the tickets on Monday. He was apprehended before he entered the TSA security lines at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Alebbini appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael J. Newman at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in U.S. District Court in Dayton. Federal attorneys are requesting that Alebbini be detained during the duration of his trial.”

This upstanding “Religion of Peace” follower will be facing a federal judge later this week. Let’s hope and pray that judge isn’t a leftover appointee from the President Barack Hussein Obama administration. If he is us American Tax Paying Peons might very well be the ones picking up the tab to fly this piece of garbage to the Muslim cesspool he was heading to.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 11: (FRANCE OUT) Terrorists hijack two planes and crash into the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001 in New York City, United States(Photo by Tammy KLEIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

All this episode reminds us of one important fact. We Americans need to remain vigilant. Although Hussein Obama tried to pretend it was, the war on terror isn’t over. The days of looking the other way out of fear for what the “Political Correction Police” will say about us for sounding the alarm need to end. We need to call out these Muslim bastards who come to our soil to cause trouble so the authorities can stop them before they kill any more people. President Donald Trump knows perfectly well what these people are and made it very clear to all of us during the 2016 campaign.

It’s time to start calling a “duck a duck.” If not we will soon be facing another 9/11.

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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