ALERT: Authorities Urge You To Watch Out For Sneaky New Way Terrorists Plan To Attack – Here’s What To Look For

In case worrying about the backward headscarf wearing, cave-dwelling generic version of terrorists didn’t keep you up enough at night, there’s now a new brand that’s been popping up right in our back yard. The homegrown, internet proficient, Christian and Jew hating hybrid is, of course, using the internet to spread the good news that there’s a new way to kill off the infidels (by the way, that’s you and me, in case you missed it).

I guess the old fashioned blowing people to smithereens just isn’t doing it for them anymore and they’ve gotta up their game. It’s also bound to have been problematic that they’ve had a “one mission, one suicide bomber” situation up until now. There are bound to be a limited number of expendable crewmen who are willing to go on to the afterlife and check out the rewards situation.

So, without further ado, meet the future of the terrorist movement and what they have planned for your future and the future of your family.

Via Terror Scoop:

Hackers posted a step-by-step guide on how to poison unbelievers, which has already been downloaded by dozens of brainwashed followers.

The group, called Cyber Khilafah, uploaded the guide onto the Telegram app describing how to make the home-made poisons and kill non-Muslims.

The manual, titled “The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook,” details how to make dangerous poisons and gases along with listing lethal substances such as chlorine, phosphorus and carbon monoxide and where to get them.

Jihadi Abel Aziz authored the deadly guide, which is being used by ISIS terrorists.

The guide claims to have tested the lethal substances on animals, and details how a rabbit “shrieked immediately” and died with blood spilling from its mouth after being given poison by a wannabe jihadi.

Along with the detailed instructions and diagrams, the manual cautions would-be jihadis to be careful when preparing the concoctions.

It warns: “Be very careful when preparing poisons. It is much, much more dangerous than preparing explosives!

“I know several Mujahids whose bodies are finished due to poor protection etc.

“On the positive side, you can be confident that the poisons have actually been tried and tested (successfully, he he!).”

In the past, the Cyber Kahilafah group has targeted ISIS enemies on the Telegram app.

Guides on how to make IED bombs have been posted on the app by the group, which can be accessed by any follower from around the world.

The app is said to encrypt messages from users to help jihadis avoid detection from security services.

Terror expert Neil Doyle said: “The emergence of such guides on Telegram is a cause for great concern, as they can be distributed far and wide in a very short time.

“There is great danger in the proliferation of this type of material, as would-be terrorists may seek to use them to cause mayhem in so-called lone wolf attacks.

“Also, the use of encryption potentially make tracing the people receiving these documents more difficult for the authorities.

“There is evidence to suggest that this guide may have been used in one suspected failed attack in London some years ago.”

Adel Kermiche, who slaughtered an elderly priest in Normandy last month, boasted on the app “you take a knife, you go into a church, you cause carnage” before the savage killing.

I’m not sure who still thinks it’s a great idea to let Muslims enter the country and to have unfettered access to all the freedoms that those who haven’t vowed to kill us have, but whoever they are needs to go ahead and be everyone’s taste tester. The problem with freedom extending to those with potentially murderous tendencies is that nobody is really keeping tabs on them.

They have access to limitless information, in fact, they could probably get you and me to pay for them to get an engineering degree. They have complete access to places where important people gather, and the ability to buy anything and everything needed to take out an entire city just via the water supply. We may as well be letting a member of MS13 stay in our kid’s room and trusting their good nature to keep them from doing anything harmful.

(Source: Terror Scoop)

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