AWESOME: Alabama City Passes Transgender Bathroom Ordinance With Threat Of $500 Fine, 6 Months In jail

Hell yeah! The bathroom wars are on & Alabama came out with all guns blazing! No child molesters or confused tranny freaks allowed! It might be safe for women & young girls to use the restrooms in Target stores again, at least in this state! Boycott Target until they rescind their INSANE “all gender” bathroom policy!

The City of Oxford Tuesday passed an ordinance making it illegal to use a public bathroom different from the gender on a person’s birth certificate.

The ordinance also affects changing rooms and applies within the city limits and its police jurisdiction.

Police Chief Bill Partridge said the law, which makes the offense a misdemeanor, would be enforced like any other city ordinance, such as noise violations or public indecency.

“If somebody sees something that makes them uncomfortable, they would call the police,” he said. “If the person is still there when the officer arrives, the officer has to witness the crime. Then we take down the person’s information, and the person who reported it has to sign out a warrant.”

According to the Anniston Star, the ordinance, which passed unanimously, would levy a $500 fine or six months jail time for violations.

Council President Steven Waits said in a statement that the ordinance came in response to Target’s new restroom and changing room policies. Target has a store in the Oxford Exchange shopping center.

Last week, Target announced it would allow transgender employees and shoppers to use the restroom that matches their gender identity as opposed to the gender with which they were born. The announcement set off a wave of controversy and came even as a North Carolina and Mississippi passed laws that some say are discriminatory against LGBT people.

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