AWESOME! Cops Rally Against ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner Hanging From MA City Hall

It’s about time the police pushed back.

The Black Lives Matter has been demonizing police for years, with incitements of violence at rallies not hard to find. Just go a google search, and you’ll find rallies with BLM members chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” or “what do we want? dead cops!”

This month, a total of eight officers were killed by extremists motivated by the grievances of the BLM victim cult. Liberals who claimed that Donald Trump’s rhetoric could incite violence (which it has yet to still do) have gone silent on whether or not rhetoric causes violence.

I think they’re just a bit embarrassed that it’s their rhetoric which actually ended up doing so.

Recently, a “Black Lives Matter’ banner was hung from City Hall in Somerville, Massachusetts. Naturally, that led to a week of tension between the city’s police department and those who displayed the banner. Police officers all across the state came to protest the banner.

cops rally 2

cops rally

It’s about time police began fighting against the unjust hatred being summed against them, and


Hall, police officers from across the state gathered outside the building to request the mayor remove the banner.

“We do not oppose the nucleus of the Black Lives Matter movement or some of its ideology,” Michael McGrath, the president of the Somerville Police Employee’s Association, said at the rally Thursday evening where around 200 people, including union officers and Somerville residents, came to show either support or opposition to the request. “Our core values are similar: Equality for everyone regardless of race.”

But displaying the banner across a city building sends a message that excludes police, McGrath said. That’s why the union penned an open letter to Curtatone last week, calling his decision to display the banner at City Hall “deeply” troubling, and its message “disrespectful.” The union is the bargaining unit for 90-95 Somerville patrol officers.


On Wednesday, Curtatone penned an op-ed for The Somerville Times ahead of the union’s protest. He reiterated his stance, saying that neither banner [A second which read “We stand against violence and racism”] would be removed.


So the mayor won’t remove the two anti-police banners, and won’t even offer to display a “Blue Lives Matter” banner at City Hall. It’s pretty obvious who he’s against.

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