THIS IS AWESOME!! Rock Legend Daryl Hall DESTROYS Leftists On Cultural Appropriation

Remember when NOT embracing black culture was considered racist? Well, according to the modern left, you know what else is racist? Embracing black culture (see That White Student Assaulted for ‘Racist’ Dreadlocks Speaks Out… and Marvel Comics’ 21 Word Response to #SJWs is Perfect!). It sounds absurd, I know, but I promise you it’s true. Take this interview Salon did with rock and soul legend Daryl Hall. I kinda don’t think they were expecting his response…

One of the current debates is over “cultural appropriation” – The idea that white people should not appropriate the culture of ethnic and racial minorities. I know that you don’t like the term “blue eyed soul.” Have you followed this conversation?
Are you trying to say that I don’t own the style of music that I grew up with and sing? I grew up with this music. It is not about being black or white. That is the most naïve attitude I’ve ever heard in my life. That is so far in the past, I hope, for everyone’s sake. It isn’t even an issue to discuss. The music that you listened to when you grew up is your music. It has nothing to do with “cultural appropriation.”

I agree with you entirely, because…
I’m glad that you do, because anyone who says that should shut the fuck up.

Well, this entire critique is coming back…
I’m sorry to hear it. Who is making these critiques? Who do they write for? What are their credentials to give an opinion like that? Who are they?

Much of it is academic.
Well, then they should go back to school. Academia? Now, there’s a hotbed of idiocy.

Anyone who knows about music, about culture in general, understands that everything is much more natural. Everything is a mixture.
We live in America. That’s our entire culture. Our culture is a blend. It isn’t split up into groups.

I’d love to see the look on the reporter’s face once he realized he was talking to someone that had a different opinion than him, because the transcript reads like he just couldn’t even fathom it.

First he played it coy with the whole “I don’t think this, but…” angle.


Then he tried to cop-out with “some say…” shtick.

LaughingGoose GIF

Then he totally tried to act like he wasn’t repeatedly inserting how own biased questioning into the piece, and blamed “academia.”

jeremy clarkson

But Daryl Hall didn’t go for it.

Funny story about Hall & Oates. I became a fan when I was eighteen. Sure, I had heard them before, but never really looked into their catalogue of music. You know what spawned the sudden interest? This is 100% true. A black cab-driver in Houston Texas. I remember it like it was yesterday.

He was picking me up from a stand-up gig, driving me to the Greyhound bus station. I hopped in wearing a blue T-shirt and glasses. Immediately he looked back and said

“Man, I had no idea I was picking up Clark Kent!”

SIDENOTE: to black people, a lot of us big, white guys in glasses look the same. I’ve had at least half a dozen black guys tell me that I look like Clark Kent when I’m wearing glasses. No, I’m not offended.

Anyway, we both laughed, and we started talking about his killer sound-system. He began telling me about all of the enhancements he’d made, beaming with pride. The guy’s enthusiasm was contagious. To show me just how great it was, guess what he played for me? None other than Hall and Oates.

“I remember when I first heard them, I said man, this music’s really got some soul. My friend told me they were a couple of white boys and I couldn’t believe it! I said, damn, those white boys can sing! I don’t even care, they’re still my favorite. I’ve seen them twice in concert. And I tell you what… live… those white boys really can sing!”

Does it seem inconsequential? Maybe. But it stuck in my mind as a moment where, regardless of race, we were just two people talking about music. Isn’t that the beauty of art? No, I’m not talking about useless, post-modern trash, but real, honest-to-God art. Good music, good films, good comedy. From white kids at a John Legend concert to black kids buying seats to see Eminem… the ability to bring all different kinds of people together is one of the greatest powers of art, right?

… oh, now that’s racist? Well, I guess that figures.

Via Louder With Crowder

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