AWESOME Video on Trump’s VP Mike Pence— And Why Libs HATE HIM! (VIDEO)

Sooooo, Governor Mike Pence. What do you know about Governor Pence?….He is respected by many in the Republican Party as a true conservative in his own words he’s a ‘Christian, Conservative and Republican in that order’. Donald Trump officially announced Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence will be his running mate.The Republican leadership has praised Pence as a good choice to unite the party.

He’s known as a reliable conservative with close ties to the religious right and he also has good relations with Republicans in Congress, having served six terms in the House of Representatives. But what does that mean to you? Well, let’s first see what it means for the left… truly we are in a war with the leftist agenda and I wanted to see what liberals are saying about Governor Pence. I found this great article on Lib site called whose goal is to “save the planet and humanity” from Republicans.

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They reposted a Looooooooong hit piece on Pence called: Eleven Troubling Facts About Trump’s VP, Mike Pence . I cut out all their needless commentary, hope you don’t mind. Apparently, the group was hoping that Trump would pick a running mate to ‘balance himself out politically’. They’re angry that Trump seems to have ‘doubled down on the intolerance and far-right ideology’ that has characterized his campaign thus far. So here’s the SCARY list they created to warn people NOT to vote for Trump ( they call them ‘reasons to PANIC’):

1. He’s Made Headlines With His “Religious Freedom” Law
2. He’s No Fan of Gay People
3. He’s Anti-Immigration
4. He Loves Guns (has an A+ rating from the NRA)
5. He’s Needlessly Tough on Drugs
6. He’s Buddies With the Koch Brothers (Americans for Prosperity is a fan of Governor Pence)
7. He’s Frighteningly Anti-Choice (Indiana has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country)
8. He’s a Tea Party “Hero” (The Washington Post deemed him a “tea party Republican before there was a tea party.”)
9. He’s Tried to Block Refugees (Pence banned state agencies from bringing Syrian refugees into Indiana)
10. He’s Not an Environmentalist (He put the “health of the economy” above the health of the environment)
11. He’s Extremely Religious (“a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”)

Ummmm wow… that is the list they provided in the hit piece against Pence. That list created to get Liberals to not vote Trump would most likely convince MOST Americans to vote Trump. Liberals are just ridiculous. I LOVE that list!!! Hannity did an interview with Governor Pence to talk about Pence run with Trump. Pence says many things that ring true to me like: We’ve lost our way. We’ve drifted off course from the ideals of Ronald Reagan and the Reagan Republican agenda into big government Republicanism. If we keep spending money like the Democrats, voters are eventually going to go with the professionals. How do you think Governor Pence matches up with your core values? WATCH the entire interview for yourself…

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