AWFUL! Mother Abuses Young Son – Kicks Him Out of Home for Supporting Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Little boy voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school.

His mother did not approve of that. She packed his suitcase, put it by the door, and kicked her little son out to the street.

The boy looks like he’s maybe 7-9-years-old and he cries when mom goes to boot him to the curb.

Later you see the boy walking with his suitcase outside, looking for a new home.

Is this child abuse or a sick prank to make a viral video? You tell us in the comments.

I know it might be wrong, but I laughed during this video.

Maybe I have a sick sense of humor, but when she said “GET YO SH*T and get out” I had lost it. Then she says “THE SUITCASE IS PACKED BY THE DOE” and I’m just sitting here laughing.

My wife laughed too.

But you know who isn’t laughing?

That boy who’s psychopath mother makes him think he’s about to be homeless.

And I’m sure the child protection services in her area don’t find this a laughing matter either.

And I bet the little kid in the diaper doesn’t think it’s funny that their older sibling is about to be missing or orphaned off into the world.

What should we do about it?

Ignore it because it’s not our problem.

Laugh at it because it’s not our problem and it’s funny.

Call the child protection services to see if we can get this mother looked into, because if she does this, what else might she do to that child?

On the contrary, someone might say that Jimmy Kimmel makes kids cry when they do their skit about tricking kids into thinking the Halloween candy is gone. That’s quite a bit different. Your kid doesn’t think they’re about to be homeless.

Imagine what’s going on in this kid’s brain – mom hates him, where will he sleep, how does he get a job or apply for welfare, when will he see his sibling…

Not cool, right?

Not at all, but thanks for the good laugh. Maybe another parent will take care of this child in a better way.

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