Why Cops CAN’T Hesitate: AZ Officer Shot On Video, In Critical – Scumbag Pays DEARLY


Officers with an Arizona SWAT team were executing a search warrant on a home where stolen property was believed to be when they encountered an armed resident who would not comply with orders to drop his weapon. The entire incident was captured by body cameras the officers were wearing.

It was around 9:30 in the morning on September 29th when officers with the Kingman Police Department served the warrant for a stolen gun.

In the video below you can see the officers repeatedly ordering the man, 53-year-old Jeffrey Clair Cave of Kingman, Arizona to drop his firearm. Cave refused.

Detective Dennis Gilbert, 57, was shot and seriously wounded by a suspect while serving a search warrant
Detective Dennis Gilbert, 57, was shot and seriously wounded by a suspect while serving a search warrant
After about 30 seconds of being ordered to disarm, and with SWAT members about to taser him, Cave opened fire on the officers. Detective Dennis Gilbert, 57, was hit and seriously wounded. Lieutenant James Brice, 58, had a bullet pass through his clothing, but was not injured as he had tactical gear on which protected him.

The officers returned fire, hitting Cave multiple times. He was later pronounced dead by medical personnel.

Detective Gilbert was admitted to an area hospital in serious condition. Both Gilbert and another officer involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave which is standard whenever officers are involved in cases such as this.

Here is the body camera video of the shooting. You can see the instant that Cave opened fire, and the officers reacting by shooting back.

Kingman Police released a statement regarding the incident via Facebook.

A neighbor of Cave, Sandy Black, heard the gunshots, and saw EMTs rush Gilbert away from the scene.

“I did see them load up the police officer and take him out in an ambulance and I’m hoping and praying that he’ll be fine,” black told reporters.


Cave apparently lived in the home with his teenage granddaughter, which made his decision to shoot at the officers even more idiotic as he endangered her life, also.

Last month we reported on a similar case where a Sheriff’s deputy was shot 10 times because he hesitated to fire on a non-compliant, armed suspect. The entire incident was captured on the officer’s dash cam, including audio. The dying screams of the officer are horrific to listen to. Police departments nationwide use the video as a training tool for officers on why they only have seconds to react, and if they don’t, they will most likely end up dead. You can read the article and view the video here. Warning, it is EXTREMELY graphic and shows a man’s last minutes on earth.

Many liberals, especially Black Lives Matter, complain that police are too quick to fire when they are confronted with non-compliant suspects. The video in this article shows why it is absolutely necessary to do so, especially when a suspect is armed. If officers don’t, they risk their own lives, and we’d much rather have members of law enforcement live than dangerous, thug criminals who don’t obey orders, and shoot at cops.

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By Jeff Rainforth
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