BABES & GUNS: Texas Tech Cheerleader Posts Pictures of Guns and Gets a Hateful Response

From IJReview:

Kendall Jones is not your average college cheerleader.

She often trades in her Texas Tech pom poms for something starkly different: a gun.

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, the then-19-year-old caught some serious flak last year after posting photos of her killing ‘wild game’ in Africa:

People around the world were up in arms after seeing the photos online, calling her “idiot of the year” and petitioning to prevent the teen from hunting in African countries.

After publicly being raked over the coals, Kendall appeared to mend the public’s perception of her by posing with live animals:

Image Credit: Facebook

But death threats kept rolling in, one group taking it so far as making a ‘Kill Kendall Jones‘ Facebook page, which has since been removed.

As of Wednesday, she made her Instagram private, due to negative and threatening comments posted on her photos.

This photo, in particular, which doesn’t have any animals in it whatsoever, seems to have been taken down entirely:

Image Credit: Instagram

One commenter, paulicontrerass said:

“Hope you shoot yourself…”

Some less threatening comments were made by users who called her an “idiot” for putting herself in the public eye and claimed she’s hunting to “serve her own ego.”

But Kendall’s response, which she shared in a post on Facebook, says it all. It reads, in part:

“People now days need to worry less about others and more about themselves. Just my thoughts, but hey if you want to judge it says more about yourself then it does me!”

Kendall continues to defend her love of wildlife, commenting that she’s done much work to promote a “sustainable population of animals.”


“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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