Baby-Faced Jihadi, Jake Bilardi Just Served His Horrific Purpose For ISIS


Islam is a death cult. 

(Mad World News) Not only is ISIS steadily morphing into the deadly Caliphate of Islamic text, the insurgency is quickly becoming a den of enthusiastic scout masters, recruiting young people from their mundane lives for a life of bloody adventure.

One of these cubs recently proved his dedication to both jihad and Allah, but he was far from the radical, Islamist youths we typically see in ISIS propaganda videos.Baby-Faced "Jihadi Jake" Just Served His Horrific Purpose For ISIS

Baby-faced, 18-year-old Jake Bilardi quickly made headlines for running away from his parents in Melbourne, Australia to join the glamorous life of an Islamic State militant.

Nicknamed by media as “Jihadi Jake,” the teen converted to Islam in 2012, shocking his family by changing his name to Abu Abdullah and seeking out ISIS fighters in Ramadi, Iraq last year, the Daily Mail reports.

Now, it appears that the young insurgent was one of the militants who carried out 13 suicide car bombings on the Iraqi army and security personnel Wednesday, according to Sky News.

Baby-Faced "Jihadi Jake" Just Served His Horrific Purpose For ISIS

ISIS released a photograph of Bilardi in a white van packed with explosives, claiming that he blew himself up while driving towards personnel.

Photos of the boy also appeared on Twitter, alleging that Bilardi achieved “martyrdom” during the devastating operation in Anbar province.

Baby-Faced "Jihadi Jake" Just Served His Horrific Purpose For ISISBaby-Faced "Jihadi Jake" Just Served His Horrific Purpose For ISIS

Ulus Shefket, a student in the same grade as Bilardi, described him as “quiet and barely had any friends. Whenever you tried to joke with him he would react aggressively.”

“He came to school one day late in year 10 and just told us that he converted to Islam,” Shefket revealed. “But when we asked him why he would give us very vague answers. He said, ‘That’s none of your business’ and ‘I think I made the right choice.’”

Fairfax Media reports that Bilardi’s friend, who wished to remain anonymous, admitted that Jake’s motivation for joining the terrorist group was because he “was obviously a believer in Islam and wanted to fulfill what he believed were his duties to the religion – jihad.”

In total, 2 soldiers were killed and 8 others were injured in the 13 suicide attacks carried out by foreign fighters from Australia, Belgium, Syria, and Uzbekistan.

The Bilardi family is reportedly taking the news of their son’s death very hard. The Daily Mail reports that a loud weeping was heard from inside the family’s home after news came about their son’s involvement in the bombing.

While we toil away for a better life for our children in the West, Islamists are striving to entice our own children with propaganda to fight against their own people.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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