Backgrounds of Brooklyn Cop Assault Suspects Make Revealing Point About Who Protesters Really Are (VIDEO)


During recent anti-police demonstrations on December 13th in New York City, protesters took over the Brooklyn Bridge. Then things got violent, after one of the protesters attacked some NYPD officers — An assault on two NYPD lieutenants followed.



Police have now arrested some of those responsible. Here is a quick look at the profiles of those arrested:

  • The ringleader, Eric Linsker, is a “police hating poet” and professor at CUNY. Police had to stop himfrom allegedly tossing a trash can from a “walkway to the Manhattan-bound roadway.”
  • Jarrod Shanahan is a teaching assistant at The City University. He’s written a piece celebrating anti-police protests for VICE, taught an Introduction to Marx class at the Brooklyn Brainery, and read his poetry at Occupy Wall Street in 2012 “before the pigs reinforced order.”
  • Cindy Gorn is a professor and graduate student at Columbia University who teaches “geography from the perspective of Marxist philosophy.”
  • Zachary Campbell is a professor at Rutgers University.
  • Campbell’s wife Marcia Garcia is a program coordinator at the Queens Museum of Art.
  • Robert Murray works for the SEIU — one of the country’s largest labor unions.

All of the people involved are well-educated. Most are involved in academia. This flies in the face of the claim made by many: That its members are for the most part peaceful inhabitants of minority communities.

And while it is true that these are only six members of a much larger community of protesters, it gives one pause as to who is truly benefitting from the chaos sparked by many of these violent protests.

Courtesy of IJ Review

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