BAD News For NFL Player After What He’s Caught Doing At Trump’s Resort — This Is The Best Thing Ever!

BAD News For NFL Player After What He Was Just Caught Doing — This Is The Best Thing Ever!

Detroit Lyons’ wide receiver, Golden Tate, recently got married but rather than congratulations from his fans, he’s fielding death threats from furious liberals who saw a snapshot taken recently. Within seconds of his photo somehow surfacing online, it went viral — from both proud conservatives who appreciated what he did and pissed off liberals who couldn’t believe the message this black athlete was sending.

After the entire football season was riddled with anti-American rhetoric by entitled players who disrespected everything our flag stands for by taking a knee during the national anthem, it’s refreshing to see an NFL player show his support for our president. This appeared to be the case in Tate’s photo from an afternoon of golfing with his lovely new bride, where both sported Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat. However, he apparently wasn’t prepared for the backlash considering what he did soon after the threats started rolling in.

NFL Star Just Pissed Off Every Lib With What He Did In EPIC Pic, Now He's Getting Death Threats!

According to Complex, Tate tied the knot over the weekend and was enjoying some tee time with his wife looking like the picture of patriotism in their red MAGA hats and him also in Pabst beer shorts. His black “culture” saw it as a contradiction and sting to his race, especially since he’s also now married to a blonde white girl. Everyone on Twitter began calling for him “to go” over his fashion statement. Although he got a few remarks of praise for showing support for our president that other people can take note of, Tate came out in defense of himself and against the statement made in the photo.

As pointed out by Complex, the MAGA photo was actually from about 41 weeks ago, not last weekend, but that didn’t stop Tate from denying he ever dressed in support of Trump. Hoping to save his identity — since liberals have made it social suicide to support our president — the wide receiver denied the picture and claimed it was a fake. While it seems to be him and his now wife in the photo, which wasn’t the question, he made it seem that the MAGA hats were photoshopped. However, if that were truly the case, he would have provided the original to prove it, which he did not.

It’s hard to determine what’s worse — that liberals were up to their usual antics of slandering anyone who supports Trump to the extent of threats, or that this player was ashamed of his statement he made in the photo and caved to the criticism. While he may or may not have voted for Trump, if he did, a football player who is physically as strong as he must be to play, just proved himself to be as weak as the liberals he catered to by claiming he never wore a simple hat he should be proud of.

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