Badass Judge Stands Up For Woman After She Was Mistreated In Jail

A video has gone viral showing a judge who was presiding over a case get very upset when a defendant showed up to court with no pants. Apparently, she was mistreated in jail and deprived of clothing.

The video shows the judge calling the incident outrageous. She pauses the proceedings to get someone on the phone. She asks for the supervisor responsible for this woman not wearing pants. The woman was in jail without pants for three days.

The defendant told the judge she was refused pants by the corrections officers in charge. The judge asks others in the courtroom if their was anything they could find that the defendant could cover up with.

Because of this woman’s ordeal the judge said she was only going to fine her $100 and credit her for time served. The judge appears to vocally express her outrage this woman would be treated like this especially considering it was a first time shoplifting charge. The prosecutor was asking for seventy five days but the judge flat out denied it.

The judge can be seen saying,

“What is this, the twilight zone?! What is happening?

A jail spokesman said,

“This is pretty standard that when individuals are arrested they remain in the clothing they were arrested in. Especially for the first 72 hours.

The defendant was also denied feminine hygiene products. The judge repeats how outrageous it is. I highly doubt that while shoplifting this woman was pantless so that rationale he spewed was ridiculous. Officials are continuing to look into the situation to see why it occurred. Officials later brought the woman a jumpsuit into the court room for her to leave in. Regardless of the crime they committed these people deserve to be treated like human beings and not stray animals.

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