BADASS Veteran Has AWESOME Message For THUGS Destroying Baltimore (VIDEO)


From Mad World:  As the liberal elite continue to stoke the flames of racial tension, we’ve been brought to a boiling point it seems. We’ve witnessed towns across the nation fall to violent rioting after the death of Mike Brown, and now with every death involving a black criminal killed by police, fuel is added to the fire.

Before an informed conclusion involving all the evidence is reached, people react on assumptions. However, it has come to a point where Americans are now saying enough is enough.

It’s bad enough that morons like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have enough power to send a nation into chaos. Of course, having elites such as President Obama and Eric Holder hell-bent on “black prosperity” – whatever that means – it doesn’t help matters at all.

That being said, it seems that every time a thug is killed by police officers, regardless of the reason, riots emerge because, well, whites are somehow racist – especially pig cops, according to the misguided masses. Most recently, we’re seeing just that happen in Baltimore after Freddy Gray received injuries that eventually resulted in his death.

However, rather than see the man and situation for what it is, the community flew off the handle and have begun destroying the city without listening to the facts. After all, why pester ourselves with the fact that he tried to run from police or the man’s criminal past, which could have contributed to the way he was treated by law enforcement officers. Lucky for us, it seems that some Americans have had more than enough – and even better yet, the one speaking the loudest is a black veteran.

Robert Valentine (right) identified himself as 'just a solider' during an interview he did with CNN in Baltimore

Amid the chaos last night, Vietnam veteran Robert Valentine stood between rioters and police and began to scream at those trying to harm officers. He caught the attention of CNN when he yelled, “Go home,” at the kids protesting, and they actually listened.

His most astounding remarks came about after being told that most people would think twice about stepping in between violent protesters and police. Valentine’s remarks were rather eloquent:

“I love my country. Love my Charm City. I’m not black, white, red, yellow. I’m American.”

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